„ONE-WORLD-MUSIC-GROUP“- jetzt online für Zuhause

Das geplante Treffen für So. 08.11.20, von 18.00 - 19.00 Uhr fällt leider aus. 

Neue Teilnehmer und Ideen sind herzlich willkommen. Gern bei Markus Schell melden, E-Mail: info@klaviertaste.com oder einfach direkt mitmachen.

Hier kann demnächst das YouTube-Video mit Online-Anleitung von Markus heruntergeladen werden.


„ONE-WORLD-MUSIC-GROUP“- One world, one hope, one peace

In the church community of Kuddewörde there is an intercultural musicians- and lyricists-Group, which is going to produce the next music together, - perhaps a second videoclip – with music and lyrics, which have their origins in different cultures.

All people who are interested in this project – from all cultures – are invited to join. Everything of the production from this clip will happen online. We are sorry, that the meeting on Sunday, 8th November is cancelled. Markus Schell will record a playback music title, which will be available as an mp3 to which you can invent your own music and lyrics and record this with the smartphone as a video or audio file.

This playback can be downloaded on this homepage. There will be concrete hints to chords, possible tones and the time measure. When finished, everybody sends his music-,vocal- or spoken recording to info@klaviertaste.com.

The first clips - which were produced a few months ago - are available on Youtube.

Markus Schell looks forward to this musical experiment and would enjoy to welcome new people who want to participate in this project, coming together – and sending their material. For further questions, you can mail him: info@klaviertaste.com